Better united, Jacob Rees Mogg tells voters in Midsomer Norton

  Posted: 14.01.20 at 20:22 by The Editor

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Jacob Rees Mogg writes:

This week, the Prime Minister wrote to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, following a formal request from her office to Downing Street asking for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

In 2014, a referendum took place asking Scots whether they would like to remain part of the United Kingdom (UK). On 19th September, the result revealed that 55% of those eligible to vote chose to stay in the UK leaving the chief counting officer to state: "It is clear that the majority of people voting have voted ‘No’ to the referendum question."

The referendum in 2014 was supposed to be a “once in a generation” vote and the Scottish people voted decisively to keep the United Kingdom just that – united. This was even ratified under the Edinburgh Agreement by both the Scottish and UK Governments committed to maintaining unity. The result was democratic and akin to the referendum on leaving the European Union (EU), the outcome cannot and should not be undermined.

The Prime Minister is correct to point out to the First Minister that another independence referendum would ‘continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade’. Schools, hospitals and jobs have been ‘left behind’ owing to certain politicians’ unending desire to separate Scotland from the UK. This is wrong and unfair.

It is in the both the UK’s and Scotland’s interest for it to remain united, especially as we enter into the withdrawal process from the EU with only prosperity and opportunity ahead of us. It is not just about historical ties. The UK is one country and better off for it.

Jacob Rees Mogg MP

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