UP CLOSE: Celia's Place is OPEN and bringing back colour to Midsomer Norton

  Posted: 28.07.20 at 14:03 by The Editor

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If you perhaps wondered why there are so many lovely ladies - and gents - in Midsomer Norton with wonderfully coloured hair, then one reason could be the resiliently cheerful Celia.

Celia's Place is THE place to go for incredible hair colours and eclectic style.

She also does a mean line in comic books, zines and accessories, but it is for her colourful style that she has found fame - having opened her salon just two years ago after working for many years in Bath and other places in Norton.

Celia also specialises in eco-friendly and vegan hairdressing - and during lockdown invested in a new range - unique to Midsomer Norton.

Not only is it great for your hair, involving as it does a custom colour conditioner, but the cruelty-free Australian brand EVO is also committed to being community friendly. So if the range ceases a line, instead of selling off stock to one of the discounters, it donates the product lines to the homeless.

It is just one other thing that makes this tucked-away salon such a unique place. So no surprise then that Celia was bombarded with customers asking when she would re-open.

Under lockdown she also took the opportunity to renovate and update some features in her High Street salon

She did just that today (July 28) having faced-down a few frustrations and delays with her new sinks.

Celia Jade Mitchard told Nub News: " I am ecstatic to be back, it has been much delayed by some renovation problems.

" I have only just started booking clients again so I have very quickly getting fully booked but there is some space - I am just now squeezing everybody back in. "

You can contact Celia's Place on 07745046994 or drop in to see her next door to Magpie at 112 High Street Midsomer Norton.

Celia admitted that after so long closed it has been like opening the floodgates.

The EVO range is ethical and something entirely new

" I am just about going to be just about ok financially. I have been really lucky with supportive landlords and things like that. Everyone has been really good."

Celia is understandably proud of her new range of products telling Nub News: " They are vegan and eco friendly and are just fantastic. They have a wicked attitude quite a punky style brand is a good way to put it with customisable colour conditioners.

"These are my news toys, like Christmas came early. They are professional only so they are a bit more (expensive) than you pay on the high street, but because they are so concentrated they work out better value for money.

"There is some great humour in the brand and some of their promotion is against the hype and photo shopped photos. Even as a company when they discontinue products they give them to homeless shelters. So they have got a lot of good ethos about them."

A bit like Celia herself.

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