High Littleton wrestler comes out retirement to fight hall closure

  Posted: 10.01.20 at 09:27 by The Editor

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A local wrestler is fighting community cuts the only way he knows how.
This wrestler will be heading into the ring, a very angry Kevin Fury. He will be coming in strong in a wrestling extravaganza to save his local hall.

Who knew that fighting would mean that, when on the ropes, it was time to call in an all-star wrestling crew.?

But that was exactly the case when the Whisty Hall in Radstock had its funding cut by 50 per cent - more than a simple boo and hiss.

So into the ring, no holds barred, former professional and up for revenge wrestler of the year Kevin Fury, and he is not simply angry, he is very angry.

Well he is more like furious, not least that he was beaten in his last bout by ring wrestler Logan and it is time to settle some scores. For wrestling fans it was clear that he was robbed, Logan was cheat, and now it is time for that dish best served cold - revenge.

On February 8 at the Whisty Hall the two beasts of the brawl will be meeting each other for another bruising time.

This is him in action: All photos: courtesy of Ian Gearing

The king of wrestlers, who lives in High Littleton explains: “ I started to wrestle in the 1990s in Bristol. Most of my matches were in Bristol and Bath. My knees started to give me problems and at the time I was around 27 stone. My doctor advised me to give up the wrestling.

“Of course I didn't want to as I had always been a fan and I loved to wrestle but I did as I was told it was the best thing for me. Twenty two years later back in 2019 I see an advert for a show in Radstock so I contacted the promoter and asked if I could return for maybe one more match.”

The rest ? Well in wrestling history this is comeback of immense proportions.

He is not down and not out, see for yourself in February in Radstock.

Kevin said: “ People ask why do I do it when it hurts and sometimes I end up in pain? I can only answer that it's what I love, it's a passion and an art and people suffer for their art. I feel proud when family, friends and fans cheer me and when they say they enjoyed the show and my match. It makes it all worthwhile.”

This is the event

Why stay angry - when it’s time to get even ? Come along to the hall and support Kevin Fury in his comeback - and get them all off the ropes..
The show is on Saturday the 8th February. The doors open at 6.30 and the show starts at 7pm.

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