Jacob Rees-Mogg MP column: Extinction Rebellion needs to be reasonable

  Posted: 08.10.19 at 20:21 by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

This week, the climate change activist group known as Extinction Rebellion has taken over many streets and bridges in London, blocking the way with demonstrators and lorries, and causing a certain amount of chaos and disorder.

In 24 hours, more than 320 have been arrested during the mass demonstration, not only targeting Parliament and gluing themselves to vehicles outside Ministries in Whitehall but also singling out locations such as Smithfield Market overnight.

The group has now threatened to take its movement to City Airport, which will bring further inconvenience to the capital.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement clarifying that if anyone wished to continue protesting then they ought to continue doing so in Trafalgar Square and that "the condition does not have a time limit" but "in order to impose this condition, the Met required evidence that serious disruption was being caused to communities in London" and "believes that this action is necessary in order to prevent the demonstrations from causing serious disruption to the community".

Once again, climate change rebels are causing problems in London. They are obstructing people’s passages to work.

They are making it hard for parents to take their children to school. They are placing pressure on already over-burdened frontline services in London, with the police working incredibly long shifts.

They are worrying commuters and residents while leaving behind considerable, often plastic, detritus.

Extinction Rebellion has the right to protest but it should be reasonable and not harm those whose futures it purports to defend so zealously.

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