A Midsomer Norton mum has accused the local school of ignoring years of her son being bullied

  Posted: 13.10.21 at 07:57 by The Editor

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A Midsomer Norton mum is demanding action after what she claims is almost five years of bullying of her son at a local school.

The mother has contacted Midsomer Norton Nub news to say that she has had enough and the school MUST do better.

She told us that this week, just weeks before the national Anti Bullying Week, her son once again returned from Midsomer Norton Primary School with bruising and injuries. She said: " Enough is enough now. My sons been abused for five years now at school by one particular child! The school won’t act."

She told us that this latest alleged attack had happened over a disputed play time and even though the other child had been moved from the general lunch time group.

The same child has been involved in every incident involving her son and she says the school has repeatedly failed to act. They have moved the pupil but this has not ended the conflict.

She told us : " On one occasion had my son on the floor as repeatedly smashed his head on the concrete. And more recently tackled my son to the ground and badly hurt his arm.

The school in question (today October 13) says it does not sanction pupils

"Every time something has happened, we’ve contacted the school. The headmaster informed me that the punishment once again for this child was to loose his break times for a week and he will have a 1:1 teacher. This is what happens every time."

She has contacted the media including Nub News as a final resort after saying that she feels powerless and there has been no full investigation into the incidents.

She added : " No child should ever be a victim of violence. The reason we have not changed schools is because my son doesn’t do well with change and has begged not to be moved away from his best friend. And why should he?"

Midsomer Norton Primary School has responded : "The school is investigating an incident between two children. Often children fall out with one another and it is a shame that a parent has decided to publicise this widely, as this does not aid the restorative justice process.

"The school does use sanctions to punish children when they make errors, which of course is part of the growing up process. These sanctions must be proportionate and in line with the law governing schools. The vast majority of parents/carers are very supportive of the school and its work to support good behaviour.

Another of the many photos that Nub News has been sent

"Regular visits from external experts reviewing the school, indicates that behaviour at the school is very good and that children are happy and making very good progress."

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