Young mum from Westfield seeks law change : Making things right after her son was cruelly abused

  Posted: 27.07.20 at 09:02 by The Editor

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A young mum whose son was cruelly abused at the hands of his father is fighting to have the law changed so all child cruelty convictions always result in jail time.

Wishing only to be known as Sophie, she has started an on line petition, which, in spite of only being started two days ago, already has over six hundred signatures.

Sophie told Nub News: " I want to change the threshold in the law. No one else should have to go through this trauma. "

Sophie's ex husband was convicted of child cruelty but received a sentence of 120 hours community service.

She said: " My aim in the petition is to change the threshold in the law where child cruelty cases in the future get custody sentences - not community services, so if this ever happens to anyone else.. they get the justice they deserve. We want to take it to parliament. I will fight to get what’s right."

You can sign the petition and read about Sophie and her son by clicking here: the Change Org website

She says she won't stop until the law is changed

Sophie is also planning on starting an on-line support group for other parents or careers who have been through similar traumas and life-changing events.

She has already supported two other parents who have been through similar ordeals and says people can contact her via her social media channels.

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